Top 10 Best Bathroom Vanity Sink Tops 2019 Reviews

Who does not want a bathroom so luxurious that it leaves your guests wishing they would move in permanently, and one that gives you a crisp-clean look that boosts your confidence to another level? We all do, and the secret is usually the sink. Imagine having one that has overflow holes, so you never have to worry about coming home to a wet floor because someone forgot to close the taps. Also, picture a stain-resistant sink and no amount of dirt can ever turn its white color. The best part is you do not have to imagine because such products exist. Let us look at some of these incredible bathroom vanity sink tops.

10. MAYKKE Brighton 25″ Ceramic Sink Top

10. MAYKKE Brighton 25

This sink top is of premium quality ceramic material making it the most durable you can find in the market. The fact that it is non-porous means you will never have to deal with stains caused by bacteria or mold. It has overflow holes so you can go about your business without having to check if the tap is still running.
The sink comes with mounting hardware which is quick and easy to install, so you do not have to call your handyman. Its best feature is the classic look which blends well with any style of the house, whether traditional or contemporary.

9. Stufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48″ Amelia single vanity

9. Stufurhome GM-5116-48-TR 48

It is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will get you so many compliments from your guests. The hand-crafted and hand-finished elements of elaborate braiding and floral leaves add an immediate touch of sophistication to your bathroom. This product grants you plenty of storage space for all your toiletries, so you do not have to make any extra shelving. Furthermore, the drawers are of exceptional quality and snap shut when closed.

It weighs around 222 pounds making it sturdy while the countertop is made of granite adding to its beauty and appeal. Though the faucet and backsplash do not come with this product, the faucet installation is straightforward and also allows easy plumbing.

8. Stufurhome GM-3323-72-BB 72″ Saturn double vanity

8. Stufurhome GM-3323-72-BB 72

This product is made of solid wood and weighs 279 pounds making it very sturdy. It has two basins, so you do not have to stand in line waiting for the other person to be through. Both bowls have overflows on the front, so your mind is always at peace when it comes to spilling.

It has stylish drawers with intricate designs that add to the dramatic style of the d├ęcor incorporated into the house. The drawers and cabinet provide you with more than enough storage for all your toiletries making it worth every penny.

7. Runfire RFVA0069 dressing table with vitreous China top

7. Runfire RFVA0069 dressing table with vitreous China top

The basin is vitreous China whose enamel-glazed ceramic material give it durable and bright finish. The bowls are very easy to clean and also to maintain their pristine condition. It comes fully assembled making it very easy and quick to install. It weighs only 83 pounds, so you do not need to be masculine to get it into your bathroom. Despite not being heavy, it is made of real wood making it quite sturdy. It gives you storage space with the soft drawers closing softly without any annoying banging sounds. Its compact size fits well regardless of how small your bathroom maybe.

6. Kohler K-2699-4-33 Bryant Oval sink

6. Kohler K-2699-4-33 Bryant Oval sink

For those who are particular about their basins looking very shiny, this is the product for you. It requires high maintenance because you need to keep wiping it after every use to avoid unsightly water marks.
Its flat back wall adds to its unique style while the large, oval size gives you enough space for all your needs. It comes in 8 different colors such as Mexican Sand, white and almond, so you are more than spoilt for choice. Besides having an overflow drain, it is self-rimming which makes it quite easy to install.

5. Nantucket sinks UM-16×11-W Rectangle vanity

5. Nantucket sinks UM-16x11-W Rectangle vanity

Getting a sink to fit an 18″ deep dressing table can be overwhelming, but this product solves the problem. The basin is deep and though it has a flat bottom, no water pools at the bottom. The sinks have flawless glazing, and the white is just perfect. The rectangular shape allows for more counter space to place your bathroom necessities. The high flatness of the under mount lip fits perfectly with the countertop leaving a seamless look with no noticeable gaps.

4. Premier 112013 dressing table top

4. Premier 112013 dressing table top

This product weighs only 48.5 pounds but regardless of the lightness; it is very durable. It comes in white giving your bathroom that extra crisp look and the motivation to keep it clean. Though nowadays it is becoming difficult to find such a product, the countertop beats your expectations in a very positive way. It fits seamlessly with your cabinets with the cultured marble giving it an elegant finish. It also comes with an overflow so no spillage worries.

3. Luxier CS-023Porcelain Ceramic sink

3. Luxier CS-023Porcelain Ceramic sink

The bowl has a shallow depth which permits installation on either a wall-attached or floating cabinet, without compromising the standard fixture heights. Its pop-up type chrome drain is in such a way that you do not have any issues with leaking pipes. It weighs only 40 pounds making it easy to carry during installation. It comes with a two-year warranty so you can rest assured you are getting your money’s worth.

2. MAYKKE Brighton 31″ Ceramic sink

2. MAYKKE Brighton 31

This product has a white glossy porcelain finish that is very to clean and as simple as a soft cloth is enough to render your bathroom looking fresh and clean. The rectangular design fits perfectly with standard depth vanity of your choice. The ceramic is of high quality making your sink very durable, and it is also stain-resistant so you will never have to buy harsh chemicals to get rid of any stubborn stains.

1. Kohler K-2355-0 Archer Under counter sink

1. Kohler K-2355-0 Archer Under counter sink

They are made from vitreous China and perfect for a person who gets revitalized by cleaning since they require constant cleaning especially since they are flat and dirt accumulates on straight lines and edges. They also need an experienced person when installing to avoid a noticeable gap between the top and the has an overflow but does not have faucet holes nor a faucet.

A bathroom serves many people, and they all want to feel their needs are put into consideration, whether it is the design, space, the color, and many more details. Nowadays you do not have to keep going from store to store looking for that ideal product because, with the internet, all you need is a picture and order, so whatever you want is delivered at your doorstep.


All in all, everyone has a product that fits perfectly with their needs and with the above products, you are sure to find one that gives you what you are looking for. Give your bathroom that unique look and feel. After all, you have so much to choose.

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