Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems Under 500$ in 2019 Reviews

Have you ever think of upgrading or buying a brand new home theater system for your house?

One of the most popular pass times that’s enjoyed by millions of women and men throughout the world is listening to music, playing video games and watching movies. Besides having a high-quality television set, those that want to have a time of their life enjoying at home need to consider purchasing a home theater system. Although they’re costly compared to most conventional stereo speakers, home theater systems are not only stylish but also durable and give you the powerful use of it and can be with you for a longer time.

A great sound system redefines your avid gaming or audio power. Simply put, it takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Our team has been working on research and found out the top 10 best home theater systems based on user experiences. Also, we’ve chosen only the best systems with the best budget. As a result, we’ve come up with the top 10 best home theater systems under 500$ below.

1. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System – THX, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Certified

1. RCA RT2911 1000-Watt

Experience amazing sound with this 5.1 digital surround sound system which you can hear every detail in your Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks the way the studio intended with the 165watts subwoofer. This sound speaker system provides you a continuous 500 watts of power, with the ability to deliver a peak of 1,000 watts under certain circumstances. The system is perfect that you can setup up to 6 devices and easy to control with the remote control that you can easily adjust the best sound experience for your need. Trust me you won’t regret with this room-shaking audio with deep bass you can feel.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Surround sound with 3D stereo
  • 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
  • THX-certified home theater speakers
  • Flexible setup
  • Easy sound control

2. Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)

7. Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home

This system flaunts superior MDF cabinets that are finished in a complex high-gloss black. It consists of a highly powerful 200-watt subwoofer that has a front-firing port. For a well-defined bass reproduction, expect an 8-inch driver as well as a patented ribbed elliptical surround. This system will surely incite an intense passion in your living room.

Why do we recommend it?

  • A powerful 200-watt subwoofer
  • Small and easy to position around the room
  • Enough bass for any type of gaming experience

3. Bose 5.1 Home Theater Set: Soundbar 700 + Bass 700 + Surround Speakers – (Higher Budget)

3. Bose 5.1 Home Theater Set: Soundbar 700 + Bass 700 + Surround Speakers

Your entertainment center relies so much on sound. This system delivers nothing short of true surround from its 5 small speakers as well as a wireless bass module. Enjoy wireless music whenever connected to an existing home wifi network or even Bluetooth services. Effortlessly stream music services such as Internet radio, Pandora, and Spotify or even your personal music library.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Powerful control with the smartphone
  • Customizes sound to fit your room for a consistent, high-quality performance
  • One-Touch access to music service such as Prime Music, Spotify…
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wireless technology
  • Easy Installation

4. Sony BDVE3100 5.1

4.Sony BDVE3100 5.1

Amplify the action and let your room be filled with theater-like sound. With in-built wifi access, access shows, music, movies and so much more right at the comfort of your home. Additionally, connect your phone with Bluetooth pairing in order to begin streaming your music instantly. Enjoy surround sound without having to cope with the fuss of wires.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Experience home with the Full HD 1080p
  • Built-in Blu-Ray disc player
  • 1000 watt of power
  • Display your multi-media wirelessly from your PC with DLNA
  • Convertible 2D Blu-rays and DVDs into 3D movies
  • Connect & stream music with one-touch Bluetooth
  • Access to 100+ streaming services including movies, TV shows, music from Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, HuluPlus, and also My Sports & Fitness app to help you reach your fitness goals.

5. Bose CineMate 15

5. Bose CineMate 15

Improving your TV dramatically does not have to be complex. This system delivers the full and sharp audio, which you’ve always desired. Additionally enjoy a rich, deep bass like you’ve never heard before. Its four element speaker on the inside works perfectly to spread the sound excellently beyond its speaker. Another great attribute about this system is the fact that it takes up minimal space in your room.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Built-in The CineMate 15 system with deep bass
  • The four-element speaker array inside works with Bose TrueSpace signal spread sound well beyond the speaker itself.
  • It takes up a very little space to place
  • Universal remote includes

6. VIZIO SB4051-C0 40-Inch

6. VIZIO SB4051-C0 40-Inch

Enjoy nothing short of true surround sound all courtesy of the 3 channel soundbar. The system also brings with it wireless subwoofer and rear satellite speakers. It delivers nothing short of crystal clear audio as well as amazing sound quality, which will surely draw you in.

7. LG Electronics BH5140S 500W

2. LG Electronics BH5140S 500W

Enjoy incredible audio performance with this home theater system. Effortlessly access premium content from the premium providers such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus directly through internet connection and subscription. Additionally, it features an array of LG applications that enable users to download extra programs to make the TV experience memorable. The system brings with it quality speakers, a subwoofer, and a receiver that offer 500watts of surround sound.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Feature LG App
  • Enjoy 3D Movies with Full HD 1080 Blu-ray
  • 500W of Surround Sound
  • Easy Setup
  • Feature DLNA that you can share photo, audios, videos, across the network
  • Private Sound Mode
  • Perfect For Medium Size Room

8.Yamaha YHT-4930UBL 5.1-Channel Home Theater

8.Yamaha YHT-4920UBL 5.1

This system is great at supporting Bluetooth for wireless music playback. It also features a discrete 5.1-channel amplifier design. On top of that, YPAO automatically calibrates the listening environment for optimal sound performance. It also includes a compact black channel speaker system that has a powerful eight inch, 100 watts powered subwoofer.

Why do we recommend it?

  • 4K Ultra HD Pass-through
  • 5.1 -channel compact gloss black speaker package 
  • Easy to setup
  • Built-in HDMI inputs

9. Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1

9.Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1

This system drastically transforms your TV into an online entertainment hub that has a digital surround sound. The system’s blue ray technology with an inbuilt wifi offers you access to video, websites and so much more. It has an Opera TV store that allows you to select from hundreds of applications.

Why do we recommend it?

  • Power of 100watt 5.1 Channel home theater system
  • 3D Blu-ray and Full-HD 2D Blu-Ray Videos
  • Built-in Wireless connection
  • Dolby Digital Plus with DTS Sound and Dolby True HD audio deliver enhanced surround sound with highest quality.
  • Controllable the soundbar with Bluetooth
  • Connect via HDMI for Optimal Sound and Video Quality

10. Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1

10. Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1

This amazingly powerful system is loaded with nothing but the most modern connections. It is ready to launch you into a high-resolution sonic adventure. It contains everything you need to supercharge games, movies, and games…

Why do we recommend it?

  • Built-in HDMI inputs and output
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • USB Port for Mass Storage Class USB Memory Audio Playback.


A great attribute about having a home theater system in your home has to do with its easy setup design. These systems also have incredibly designed speaker systems that usually generate room-filling and immersive sound whenever in use. For a memorable and captivating experience whenever entertaining indoors, choose from any of the above best home theater systems under 500$.

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